Beberapa Perintah Penting cPanel via Command Line

Saat ini banyak yang masih bingung mengenai Beberapa Perintah Penting cPanel via Command Line? Saat ini CPanel berperan sangat penting bagi orang–orang yang memiliki sebuah hosting sendiri. Namun, ada diantara mereka yang bingung bagaimana caranya untuk menggunakan CPanel tersebut, dan bahkan ada yang tidak mengetahui CPanel. Berikut ini beberapa list command penting manajemen cPanel

Beberapa Perintah Penting cPanel via Command Line

Restart chkservd:

Updates cpanel server software:


Re-install exim:

Mengetahui traffic atau website sedang terkena DDos

Perbaiki bandwidth issue

Untuk memperbaiki problem webalizer tidak bekerja dengan baik

Fix everything

Fix Mail List MailMan

Re-install MailMan

Menjalankan cpanel backup

fix domain controller

Fix Quotas

Add Dns Entry

Install Frontpage Mail Exts

Add JavaServlets to an account (jsp plugin required)

Add a User

Run WHM Lite

Add Rlimits (cpu and mem limits) to apache

Resync with a master DNS Server
Edit A User’s Quota

Run this if a user’s stats stop working

Fix a broken valias file

Re-scan quotas. Usually fixes Disk space display problems

Display Ipusage Report

Terminate an Account

Delete “Security Problem Infested RPMS”

Fix Various Mail Permission Problems
Attempt to Troubleshoot a Mail Problem
Change a Mysql Password
Kill Potential Security Problem Services
Rebuild Ip Address Pool

Force a webalizer/analog update

Remove non-important suid binaries

Return a Simple process list. Useful for finding where cgi scripts are running from

Suspend an account

Syncup Cpanel RPM Updates
Unblock an IP
UnSuspend an account

Create a New Account

Awstats to run manually
License Not working

To run your clients stats now

Restart the background proccess that runs the stats for your clients
To run your clients stats now
To run one clients stats:

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